Please note that we only accept Bulldogs and not cross bred Bulldogs and no other breed that uses the name Bulldog.
Your Bulldog will be looked after by Breed specialists, Judges and Bulldog committee members with 20 years experience in the Breed.
It is recommended all dogs are up to date with their vaccinations including kennel cough.

Dogs picked up after 12 noon will be charged at
a full days rate.
Dogs to be dropped off am so they can acclimatize to their new environment.

From 1/1/2017 the charges for boarding will be
1 Bulldog £ 17.00 +VAT Download our
Terms and Conditons
2 Bulldogs sharing from the same household £29.00 + VAT
 per day
Groom/bath/nail trim and wrinkles £24.00+ VAT
per dog
Trip to vet £20+ VAT
Out of hours drop off and or pick up £15+VAT
Dogs picked up after 10am a full days boarding is charged.
For reservations or questions please contact us.
We are building 30 luxury double kennels, they will have underfloor heating , climate control and will be the very best kennels. We hope to be up and running by Spring 2017.